Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Motivational Reading

Here I am, in depths of winter, going through the grind of training. Some weeks heavy, some weeks adaptation, all chilly and cold! I'm leaving for Canada mid-August... but until then it's just more of The Grind, a period of time that I actually really enjoy (as long as it doesn't last forever!)

Until racing is upon me yet again, I've been keeping quiet and doing a lot of reading. In that vein, here are a couple great reads, some motivational and inspiring, others just dang cool.

1. Suffer Camp: on Location with Team TBB
2. Nowhere to Run to, Nowhere to Hide: Mental Tactic Training
3. How to Do What You Love
4. Joe Grant's Hardrock 100 race report
5. 5 Things Mentally Tough People Don't Do
6. Sometimes Losing is the Best Thing That Can Happen
7. An Almost Foolproof Way to Achieve Every Goal You Set
8. How Olympians Stay Motivated
9. Personal Growth: Motivation: The Drive to Change

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