Monday, December 9, 2013

Wooing Tree Sprint Triathlon, 4th F

Okay here it is, a quick one. I did this race last year and placed 3rd behind
1. a very talented semi-pro adventure racer/multisport athlete
2. a 40+ woman athlete that is significantly faster than me over iron-distance

This year, a similar story unfolded:
1. a NZ pro triathlete
2. a 40+ woman athlete that is significantly faster than me over iron-distance (different lady, though!)
3. A young tri chick that I ran down at the previous sprint triathlon where I placed first, but was too tired to go over ~70.3 run pace in today's race, and so was 14" behind her, only seeing her in the last 3 turns before the finish chute. I'm a faster runner than her, but racing in a vineyard where you have a million 180 degree turns just didn't play into my advantage of loving to run people down. Pretty much, the accumulated fatigue meant I wasn't in race mode as much as I would have liked, and didn't have the mental toughness to fuckin' RACE from start to finish. What I learned: it isn't over until it is OVER, in which case, you should run as if you can see them 5m ahead of you, and you run like that ALL THE TIME.
Edit: Turns out this girl is ~15 years old and has been selected as part of Tri NZ's youth academy... Good going girl, jesus!!!!!
4. me!

The highlight of the race was the changed swim course. Rather than do 4 1/2 circular laps in the vineyard's irrigation dam, we did 5 laps, with each one having to climb out, run down a jetty and dive off. This makes for 4 dives, and with the boys going first, we had plenty of spectator enjoyment seeing their spectacular and not-so-spectacular diving performances. I can only say that I lived it up and dove like a challenged, but graceful, penguin each time. VERY FUN!!!

Now, a semi-taper begins to get me ready for Rotorua half-iron distance the following weekend. Bloody hell, I still haven't sorted accommodation out and I leave in 2 days.

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