Tuesday, October 22, 2013

GOOD QUALITY girlie training clothing!

Okay, so, I'm not exactly a heels-and-handbag type of girl. I don't spend money on new clothes. I go to Wastebusters (local 2nd hand shop), get the job done for 10$, and am happy. What I do like to spend money on is: really fucking awesome training clothing (and bike gear).
Here's my list, so help me, give me some more options!!!! I'm always looking for more options!

1. Betty Designs: Really sick kits for cycling, running, triathlon, surfing, swimming, etc. The skull and crossbones look isn't necessarily always for me, nor is the snakeskin one, but most of it is really beautiful, like woah!
2. Smashfest Queen: Similar to Betty Designs, and I do believe they use the same kit (Squadra), but their designs are unique and really pop. I own 1 tri kit (and a cycling kit when the company was Michele Landry Designs) and they are AMAZING.
3. Team Estrogen: This is an online shop for all things sporty and girly. They've got a huge selection of brands, including SkirtSports (their tri tops run large, order one size down, but are THE BEST I've ever owned, I still race in mine to this day, even though I've got newer ones). Have not ordered from Team Estrogen yet, but I think it's coming soon...
4. lululemon athletica: This is where it all started. I worked at a lululemon back home in Canada in 2007-8 when I practiced yoga 6x/wk (this is pre-triathlon). Beautiful clothing. Their sports bras are the only ones I use. I've heard the quality of the clothing has deteriorated and given what I've seen in the shops, I'd say that is the case for SOME ITEMS but if you are getting an item in standard luon material, it'll still last forever. Two pairs of my go-to run crops are from bloody 2008, and I wear them 1-2x/wk EVERY WEEK. They are still perfect.
5. Oiselle: Primarily ladies running clothing. I really really want to order from Oiselle but I'm pretty sure shipping to NZ isn't happening yet.

Okay who/what company am I missing???


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