Saturday, September 14, 2013

Embarrassing triathlon moments

One of my friends, ultrarunner extraordinaire Steph in hometown Montreal, has been musing on the idea of maybe trying a triathlon. But she's slightly hesitant because she doesn't want to embarrass herself in sports she's not yet comfortable with. Fair enough.
Besides getting my undies in a knot of excitement just thinking about her giving triathlon a go, I've been painfully reminding myself of all the idiot things I've done in training and racing that give me a shudder of embarrassment (and now that the moment has come and long gone, a laugh or two).

So here it is, some embarrassing moments in triathlon, ft. me:
- In my first triathlon, I thought the ugly, XXL cotton tshirt given to me as memorabilia was official race clothing. As in, to participate in the race, I HAD to wear the shirt, otherwise I'd get DQed. Let's just say, I got laughed at, and some guy on a schmancy triathlon bike told me to get off the cycle course.
- I also didn't know what a wetsuit was, was wondering why everyone looked like seals, and proceeded to freeze my butt off in the water. I then spent the first 20k of the 40k cycle shivering uncontrollably. 
- To top it all off, in said first triathlon, I drank a liter of chocolate soy milk in transition once I had gotten off my bike and before I had started my run. Then I stood in the queue for a couple minutes to use a portapotty to do my business. THEN I started my 10k run. What!
- A year later, thinking I had learned a thing or two, I signed up for several triathlons. At one of those, I lost track of time in transition. Figuring I had plenty of time until my race started, I dawdled. Only to hear the horn go off. OMG! Turns out transition stayed open because so many races were happening at different times, and I'd just missed my starter horn. I booked it to the start line holding my wetsuit and goggles. Yep, there was my wave, already swimming! I started putting on my wetsuit in a mad dash, only to realize halfway that I was putting it on back-to-front, had to take it all off, put it on the right way, put my goggles on, and START SWIMMING. People were laughing at me (hopefully in a nice, encouraging sort of way). And then I got a 4 minute penalty for starting late, which I only found out about later. 

I'm sure there are more, but I think I've relived enough for today. What are your embarrassing triathlon moments??

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Recipe Sharing 01 - Smoothies

Okay, okay, okay, so life on this blog is a bit boring. If I'm not racing, it seems I'm not updating, even though life is still triathlon-ing away.

What do I do in the winter off-season in between swim-bike-running? Working, working, and if I am not working, then I am walking my dog and teaching him tricks (he's a genius!), making stuff in the kitchen, and reading either real books (!!) or online blogs. Life is ~fascinating~ as you can tell, but I'm actually really enjoying it.

I figure, if I don't have too much in my head to share, then why not share things that I've been eating and REALLY ENJOYING. I go through heaps of recipes and only save the really, especially, phenomenally good ones. Recipe sharing time? Yes, take a look below...

Some of my favourite SMOOTHIES in the last couple months have been:
- Orange Creamsicle and Iron Woman Gingerbread smoothies from Oh She Glows (killer website!)
- Pina Colada and almost ALL the smoothies in Blend: Simply Artisanal smoothies e-book (a couple $$ e-book that is SO worth it!)
- Tropical Mint Smoothie from food blog Carrots N Cake
- Going through all 365 smoothie recipes of Kathy Patalsky's "365 Vegan Smoothies" book

What are your fave smoothie recipes? Links appreciated and adored!