Sunday, August 4, 2013

Life's To Do List

A list of things I want to accomplish in life (sporting or otherwise):

1. Race triathlon as a pro by the age of 28 (iron-distance, half-iron, XTERRA and miscellaneous distances, e.g. Leadman)
2. Complete an epic, stunning, hard ultramarathon
3. Be the event director and create Ultraman New Zealand!
4. Start a regular 5k/10k run race series in Wanaka
5. Complete an Ultraman
6. Race Norseman iron-distance
7. Hike/run/mountain bike the Te Araroa, a continuous link of trails running the length of NZ
8. Go on a train-cation: a vacation of 3-8 weeks in a beautiful, epic, summer-time location and train hard out. e.g. Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Switzerland (Davos?), around the Alps, random islands etc
9. Ride the Tour de France route as it is being raced -- do they do it the day(s) before/after? I know it's been done.
10. Win Challenge Wanaka
11. Not be poor
12. Never let money be the main deciding factor in what I do
13. Improve in the sport, both mentally and physically, with each and every passing year!

I'll leave it at 13 things, as my birthday approaches on August 13th. No, I won't be turning 13... rather, I'll be hitting the quarter-century mark. Twenty five!

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