Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Food Log

So, after pro triathlete and dietitian Kim Schwabenbauer posted a day's food log, I thought, firstly, WOW how can someone eat that much and then I thought, hmm, wait a sec, how much do I actually eat!? Today isn't necessarily representative (the first day off from training in 2 weeks, for example) but I figured I'd write a food log for a day (or a week) just to see what I actually eat. I remember doing this about 2 years ago and I am eating drastically different food now. Anyway, here it is, just the one day... I might post the rest of the week up IF I can remember to jot it all down as it happens...

bowl of plain full-fat greek yogurt with cut up banana and homemade granola
1 homemade coconut flour & chocolate chip cookie
before lunch snack:
1 kiwifruit -- we picked our neighbour's kiwifruit tree today!
1 bowl of split pea & venison soup (leftovers from the night before)
1 slice of homemade endurance chia seed "bread" with cream cheese on top
after lunch snacks:
2 carrots with homemade "cheezy" hummus
1 homemade mini date "choc fudge" bite rolled in coconut
3 kiwifruits chopped up
1.5 small pieces venison -- last of the venison leg!
red wine, onion, mushroom sauce
boiled broccoli, I wish I had a steamer!
oven baked potatoes + garlic + parsnip with ketchup
after dinner snack:
4 pieces of coconut milk chocolate
1 muffin serving of homemade blueberry oat chia squares

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