Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Opinion: Minimalist Shoes

An article was posted that declared the minimalist movement was over: Runner's World article.

And a lot of people heralded the day, as they truly believed the minimalist movement was an industry creation meant to get people buying more and spending more time in physiotherapy/doctor's offices. If you think that was the result of the minimalist movement, that's unfortunate, because that's such a negative take on it.

My thoughts:

"Although I don't run in strict minimalist shoes, I still think the minimalist movement did much to create awareness, especially about 2 topics: cushioning and heel-to-toe drop. It got people questioning these 2 factors in their traditional shoes and what was ACTUALLY best for them. I ended up transitioning to something that was just as cushioned as my previous shoes but far, far less drop (4mm)."

i.e. It got quite a lot of people thinking outside of the cushioned, massive drop shoe box, and I say that's a GOOD THING!

1 comment:

  1. I never understood the fierce head butting between folks on this issue.
    Wear what feels comfortable for you. Run however feels right to you - as long as it doesn't leave you broken and smashed.
    And I agree the movement really wasn't useless at all. Look at what it has done to the regular running shoe industry, the weight and heel-toe drop of non-minimalist shoes has changed drastically. And what has happened is that now there's truly something out there for everyone.
    At the running store I often have folks ask me what I think about the debate. My answer is always that I don't really know, I always tell people to choose what works for them.
    Definitely a good thing :) And now I finally have shoes that work for me! haha