Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm in non-racing mode!!

Oh, race reports are always a good excuse to write up a post or two. And given I raced prolifically this summer, race reports abounded. Now that I'm in a boring training block for IM Cairns, there's far less to say. I'll stick with the basics:

-- Not long after IM NZ, I played race sherpa for Christian as he raced an off-road sprint triathlon. The spectacular views of Moke Lake:

-- I did indeed race Lake Hayes Olympic tri, where I placed 3rd OA female, and 2nd in my age group. Whee!!!

-- I had my quarter-life crisis, gave up training and racing Ironman, bought myself a mountain bike! I'm thrashing myself on it, and I'm going to give off-road racing a go next summer season.
-- I took one too many photos of my dog, now 10 months old:

-- Our home seems to have a bike-breeding problem. And that's with two bikes out of the picture...
-- And lastly, just to keep life amusing, two weeks ago I sprained my right ankle when I ran off the trail and got my foot stuck in a rabbit hole. A bruise and swelling developed, but I was back running in 6 days. And then, on the 3rd run back, I did the exact same thing... I ran off the trail through knee-high grass, and rolled my OTHER ankle. This time I heard a resounding crack. Bruising and swelling developed, but it hurt surprisingly little apart from the initial shock. I was back to running in 3 days. Oh, they are not better, I can easily roll them again... but I WON'T!!! The ankle ligaments are weakened, I need to make sure they don't become permanently so. Careful running and staying ON THE TRAIL where I can see my foot landing is key. Also known as: don't be an idiot!

-- I will be racing Ironman Cairns on June 9th, but I haven't had a typical build: it's cold, I'm on a mountain bike to keep warm, I hate road running so I'm just trail running in the hills. Plus, don't forget that quarter-life crisis. I'm only doing this because I had registered for it nearly one year ago, I'll enjoy this wee race in tropical North Queensland yet again, but then I'm going to go full-tilt into off-road racing and see where that takes me. It's going to be an exciting ride!!


  1. we wait for you in italy too!
    (it's roman slang meaning "come on")

  2. Sounds like you are keeping busy and happy! I hope the ankle continues to behave for you!