Monday, March 25, 2013

Changing course...

After my mini "I hate Ironman" melt-down, I sat down and wrote up a race season schedule that was ambitious and I thought "really cool". My coach said that we needed to talk.

Turns out, it is a bad idea to try to be good at everything and every race and every distance of multiple sports, while racing 2-4x/month for months on end. If I want to taste and attempt everything, I can do all these races. If I want to be good, get results and be fast, I can't DO EVERYTHING. So what do I want?

There was a flat road half marathon and a 100k ultramarathon on the schedule. There were heaps of short triathlons, both on and off road, and mountain marathons and potentially some multi-day multisport events. But... I also wanted to be really good... at everything! I wanted really good results.

What did I want more? As we spoke and as she described my conflicting desires and took examples from her other athletes, I realized a few things:

- I like racing short/hard and I like racing often. Like I said, 2-4x/month for 5-6 months non-stop. I looooove it. I make the races "adventures" too, by either cycling to/from them or something of the sort.
- I want to transition to more off-road racing. I want a mix of on and off-road, and I want to improve my mountain biking abilities
- I want to enter no-pressure endurance events and training days that keep things interesting and have me work on my long-term goal (2015-2016) of entering multi-day events and give me practice for adventure racing.

After I realized all this, I dramatically changed my race goals and became really really excited about the upcoming season. A lot of racing, mostly short (up to half-iron) and a fantastic mix of on and off-road, with plenty of unstructured endurance adventures as well. Time to be fast and race like crazy! Race schedule for 2013/14 will be posted soon. :)

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  1. It is so hard to pick and choose races! I am like you - I want to race way more than I probably should and always feel like I am missing out on something. This year I am doing more of a mix too with the 70.3 being my bigger races.