Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lake Hayes XMas Olympic triathlon

I've had a great few weeks. They've been full of learning. For example, if you're stacking big day after big day, do NOT rely solely on gels. The pure sugar for hours on end, day after day, will leave you so nauseated that you'll lose all appetite for normal food, and all zest for life. I've had some epic days and weeks of training, but damn, did I learn a lesson!!

A couple days prior to this race, I rode the 150k's from Haast, over Haast Pass to Wanaka. Beautiful:

The first 3k of the climb proper are BRUTAL. Like 40rpm, easiest gear ratio brutal.

But the views are pleasant. I think this spot is actually called "Pleasant Flat"

 I'm now figuring out a new nutrition plan: namely liquid and bar nutrition, leaving the gels once I get onto the run. What are people's thoughts on Hammer Perpetuem? Any others you might recommend?

In the midst of all this, I seemed to have signed up for quite a few races. I was stacking 20-24-hr training weeks and racing as well. Rough! This day, for example, after feeling like absolute, nauseated shit the past few days, had me riding 100k's to the race site, then doing the Olympic triathlon. I hadn't eaten properly in days. I could not stomach another gel. It was rough going. I pulled myself through on the ride, and ended surprisingly strongly, and I quite literally ghost-raced the Olympic. I was so shelled, that the only way that I finished it was by telling myself -- at each and every kilometer -- that DNF'ing was more complicated than just cruising along, avoiding death. So, that's what I did. My stomach was in turmoil, and then I was finally just so hungry that I felt faint, but I am glad I got through it all. I finished 9th out of 20 females (with the first 3 chicks being pro). In that regard, I'm quite surprised. Not a shitty result on a day I can only describe as being so utterly, mind-blowingly mentally and physically challenging.

I won't recap swim-bike-run, but after the turmoil that overabundant gel-eating has caused me, peaking at the Lake Hayes tri, I was forced to switch nutrition plans entirely the very next day and have been much, much happier as a result. Another race report next!

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