Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Characteristics of a Gooooood Taper!

So, I'm in taper mode at the moment. I've got Challenge Wanaka half-iron tri this weekend, a hometown race, and I am exciiiiiited. Here are my characteristics of a good taper:

- You start begging your coach for more training...
- You want to RACE. NOW. Or, you just wish it wouldn't exist so you could get back to your regularly scheduled ironman training
- When you're told, you do your high intensity speedwork and race pace sessions HARD, and really control yourself when you're told to "cruise".
- You no longer want to nap because you no longer are so tired that you need to nap!
- You read more; I'm re-reading the Harry Potter series... again...
- You don't care what the race-day conditions are like. You have so much pent up energy that you'll unleash it even if you have to face 60-70kph winds and rain (a possibility here in Wanaka)
But most of all...

You. Feel. Darn. Ready!

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