Monday, January 7, 2013

12k Race the Train, I beat the train!

We've got some really cool race companies around here, and my favorite one ( puts on some great great racing. This race in particular I was truly looking forward to. You race 12k off-road running alongside (and against) a train! The old Kingston Flyer!! And guess what? I BEAT THE TRAIN!! I was 5th F out of 53 Open Female (18-39), but more importantly -- and the reason I registered for this race -- I got a shot of me in front of that train!! But first... race report!

Kingston Flyer getting ready!
We arrived in Kingston, I picked up my race number and got changed. 35$ and 140k's (one way) might seem like a lot for a 12k run race, but for some reason I REALLY wanted a picture of myself and that train. 

Oh yah!

We get to ride the train from Kingston to Fairlight, get off, it turns around... then we RACE THE TRAIN. I acted like a kid in a candy shop. I was very very excited. 
The first couple k's are on softly packed dirt, which is a touch slow but I didn't mind. It was quite open and very very hot. With a tailwind, the front of my body got so hot, especially my face, I could FEEL the blood pumping in my face.
From there, we run through grass which got longer in longer in length, with barely a definable trail. I was slowing down quite badly, and my heart was exploding with effort, and all to keep pushing myself through the knee high grass. Even though I'm currently in training for another 2 iron-distance races, I'm still always amazed at how some short races (well, most) can kick my ass. I was seriously fucked after this 12k run race. It was harder than I expected, and my heart was at MAX the entire time.
Near the very end, I could hear a girl breathing right behind me through the grass... given that I'm not one to be passed in the late stages of a race, the second that I hit gravel track and then road, I seriously just started SPRINTING like mad. All-out, scream-like-a-little-girl sprinting! My heart rate, already near max, just went through the roof, as I later found out. I didn't look behind me, and I thought she was right on my heels the entire time, but it looks like I dropped her.
Finish chute! The train came in ~2-3 minutes after I did! 
So, I got what I came for. A sweet sweet picture of me and that train. I ended up 5th Open F, which I suppose I'm happy with but don't really care about? I mainly came for that picture and a hard effort.
I promise, no more racing until Challenge Wanaka half-iron (in less than 2 weeks' time)! On last count, I've done 6 races in 2 months, with the last 3 in the last 10 days. Caaaraaaazay!

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