Wednesday, November 7, 2012

half marathon, ruh roh

Now that I'm back in NZ (yay!) and the days are long and sunny, it's time to begin the season! First off, given that I've just started working with a new coach, I'm throwing myself into a half-marathon on November 18th down in Southland. Just to see where I'm at... what kind of run fitness I have (if any) and how I can improve. In my most recent half-ironman, I ran a 1:47:00, so I'm aiming for AT LEAST sub 1:45. Well, I'm really aiming to just run as hard as possible, avoid puking but also avoid cruising.

It's a point to point course starting in Waianiwa and ending in Invercargill. It looks like 133 people have entered. There's a net loss of about 50m elevation (practically nothing), and it looks flat to maybe some bumps; and perhaps either a mistake in plotting or a bitch of a spiky hill near the end? Course map and profile!

What this really means is ROAD TRIP!!!! My partner and I and our two dogs are driving down Friday night, camping, cruising around the Catlins, going for a wee hike and a swim on Saturday and then I'm racing Sunday.

I'm nervous as I haven't run a stand-alone run race in a while, but I'm also oddly excited because... well... it's racing, let's see how much I can increase the suffering per km run. Predict my time and whoever is closest wins... MY LOVE AND ADMIRATION!! I'm going to guess as well.