Monday, October 8, 2012

Weird bricks

I've been doing some weird Sunday bricks lately...

Last Sunday was:
Drive to Glendhu Bay! 
1. 1h30 run, from Glendhu Bay to Wanaka, 16k. The trail is lightly undulating for the first 30 minutes, then quite hilly the next 30, then ends quite flat before gently rising back up to our house on the hill. I ran while my partner mountain biked next to me and one of our dogs ran like heck chasing all the rabbits and sheep. From there, given the shitty weather conditions (pouring rain and windy), I...
2. mountain biked 1hr, going a roundabout way back out to Glendhu Bay to pick up my car. Pouring rain and windy, 5C. Thankfully, I was so high on caffeine that it wasn't too bad...

Yesterday's brick was:
Drive out to Luggate!
1. 1h30 ride heading out to Queensberry, then back to Wanaka, with 30 minutes at half-iron race watts.
2. From Wanaka, get changed for running, give all my gels and a waterbottle to my partner while he mountain biked next to me as I ran back out to Luggate with him. We practiced aid stations, so I'd get given a gel, followed by some water, at 20-odd minute intervals, and I'd survive off that until the next "aid station" came up. Point to point trail run. I had mis-remembered the distance, and realized our run was 21kms back to our car unless I did something about it (and work was only 20 minutes away now!) so I stopped my run at the scheduled 1h20 mark, and did a cooldown walk/jog back out to the highway while my partner Christian mountain biked like hell the remaining couple k's to the truck and picked me up somewhere along the highway. And by highway, I mean... I think 6 cars passed me over the 10-minute span of time I stood there waiting. I loooooove the isolation and emptiness of my home! We drove home, I showered and went to work, and he made me lunch and brought it to me!

Another successful training block in the bank! That most recent session, yesterday's, was the final day of an amazing 3 week build. A rest week has approached and I am READY for it. My muscles need the rest!

First though, I fly back to Canada to get that darn police criminal record check (read the whole story here)... hopefully I am in and out within a week to two tops. I love my home so much, it's 1 million times better than most vacation destinations. I live in the. most. beautiful. place.

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