Thursday, October 18, 2012

Playing the waiting game...

For those in the loop, I'm sitting here waiting in Montreal. To GET in the loop, read this blog post. I arrived in Montreal at 1:30am last Tuesday. 8 hours later, after 4 hours of sleep, I was downtown getting my fingerprints taken so that I could receive my criminal record check ASAP. It did indeed arrive, and I sent off my visa application as SOON as it had. Quite literally. I had been compulsively checking my mailbox every day a couple minutes after the mailman had arrived and the moment I had it in my hands, I sprinted, SPRINTED, to the post shop to mail it off. This is the most organized visa application you can find - for goodness sake, it has a table of contents!!!! It arrived at the New Zealand High Commission in Ottawa mid-morning. And now, here I wait again... hoping that I get someone on top of it and that recognizes that I'm in love (with my partner and with New Zealand) and JUST. WANT. TO. GO. HOME. I've done everything they ask, including spending almost ALL of my savings to fly back to Canada to get this criminal record check in time and to not be unlawful, despite the fact that I did everything right first and foremost, and have a valid reason to be downright pissed off.

Never mind, I hope my visa application is approved quickly so I can go home.

In other news, I've been doing some weird training lately. Given I have to get everywhere by commute running, here's what a typical day looks like:

1. Easy jog to the pool as warm up
2. A 3k swim at the pool
3. Eat lunch in the change room as my hair dries under the dryer.
4. Slow, SLOW jog avoiding cramps as I digest my lunch. I run from the pool to the gym.
5. I do a 1 hour session on the bike, and/or a 1 hour strength session.
6. I eat more food, this time in the gym's change room.
7. I jog back home.
(0:50 run total, 1:00 swim, 1:00 bike and/or 1:00 strength)

It's a bit of a mission each day, but this shit's gotta get done somehow!! For example, tomorrow, I am:

1. Jogging to the pool, gear all packed in my Nathan pack
2. Swim 3.5k at the pool, eat some lollies (sugary stuff)
3. Jog to visit my grandmother, this time doing hill repeats up the hill to her house
4. She'll be in ecstasy because I'm visiting her and she can feed me lunch
5. I digest and interact with the Nana, then easy jog to the gym.
6. I do a bike workout, then a strength workout
7. I eat more lollies to sustain me for the jog home
8. I jog home, shower, and eaaaaat. And continue to wait...
(approx 1:15 run, 1:10 swim, 1:15 bike, 0:50 strength)

I'll post again soon. I'll also try to avoid going crazy waiting and waiting, but no promises.

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