Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ending one season... starting the next...

Since Ironman 70.3 Yeppoon, I've had a nice 3 week break. I gave myself a couple rest days in the first week, and other than that, it's just been about "keeping active" and exercising rather than training. That means, restricting the exercise to one session a day, and to 1 hour (up to 2 hours if it is a road ride).

I'm going to reflect on last season, it was a turbulent one:

It started when I moved back to New Zealand. I trained but was still quite fatigued from the previous season (1 Ironman, 4 half-ironmans). Then I found out I had polycystic ovarian syndrome, got on medication, was menstruating for 5 out of 7-odd weeks, became anemic, became overtrained while trying to train through it, and was in a bike crash. Yeehaw!? So, the month of February and March was about re-building myself from the ground up. And that mainly meant sleeping 10-12 hours each night. I also changed coaches, to Brian Butler of Natural Ability. He built me back up very slowly and cautiously. By the time Hawaii 70.3 rolled around, I felt fit. I unfortunately didn't have the day I wanted (buoys got blown off course by the wind, I got blown off by the crosswinds on the bike, and proceeded to struggle on the run). I regrouped, decided to stay with a friend in Cairns for 1 month, where I proceeded to have great results: 2nd female in a hilly trail half-marathon, 1st open female in a 5k (2nd overall female), and 4th AG in Yeppoon 70.3 with a new PB of 5:18, with OH SO MUCH room to improve. Perhaps that was some sort of redemption. All the race reports are below.

Mar 24-26. Goldrush 375k multisport, Day 1Day 2,Day 3.
June 2. IM 70.3 Hawaii
Aug 19. IM 70.3 Yeppoon

So what's next? Well, I've parted ways with said coach, on very friendly terms. Should my current situation not work out, it's been made clear that I can return to work with him, and I will jump at the opportunity to. So why did I leave? Well, I had the opportunity to work with a phenomenal LOCAL coach here in Wanaka, NZ. I was a part of her run group last summer, saw her coaching talents at work, and knew she could do a lot for me in the long run. If you can find an excellent local coach, I think that's the best of both worlds. Onwards! Below is the 2012-2013 summer race schedule:

Nov 18. Southland half marathon
Nov 24. Southland Open Water Swimming Series, 2k OWS race @ Lake Dunstan
Dec 8. Southland Summer Challenge triathlon (1.5k swim, 60k bike, 15k run)
Dec 27. Lake Hayes Christmas sprint or olympic triathlon
Jan 6. Race the Train 12k
Jan 19. Challenge Wanaka half-iron triathlon (B+ race)
Mar 3. Ironman New Zealand (A race)
Mar 31. Southern Lakes half marathon
Apr ? Lake Hayes Easter sprint triathlon
June 9. Ironman Cairns (A race)

There you have it! Am I excited? OH YES!!! I can't wait for summer to hit. Winter's departed us, spring has arrived, along with the very variable weather. Today we had warm temps but gusty gusty northwesterlies of 50+ kph, and now, night-time, it is pouring rain and cold. The saying goes: the more variable the weather in spring, the hotter and drier the summer here in Wanaka.  :)

And for those that have wanted an update on the puppy, Zeus went from this:
To this:

And we are hitting the 4th month now, apparently a "Growth Spurt" month, thank goodness. I can't wait for him to be epically gigantic. The guy is a little genius with a sparky attitude. 

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    I bet him and Zoe would fall in love <3
    She was a monster today when I walked her and floppy and jolly. She's like a permanent puppy.

    Hardcore, badass race schedule! Looks like funnnn!

    I can't wait for fall and winter to come!!!!!! I need some nice freezy weather to run in. This morning everyone was shivering like a bunch of babies and I was still complaining I was hot. Apparently I have inuit blood in me or something. Yeesh.