Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wee winter update!

It's been pretty quiet back home. It's the middle of winter and training is sluggishly moving along. Well, it feels like life is sluggishly moving along. I struggle in the cold and I can barely get 2-3 things done in one day before I crap out because I'm frozen.

I'm in the process of:
- applying for another visa, which requires all sorts of things: forms, medical certificate, police certificate, more forms, passport photos, various proofs of partnership, written letters
- moving to a new home, the official move is on Saturday this week
- still training for a half-ironman even though I can't ride outdoors because of the ice and frigid temps!
- work, but only part-time

Actually, not much is going on, I guess, but the days are short, it takes me a long time to warm up, and sadly motivation is low. The only thing that excites me at the moment is... and here's another list:
- warm delicious food by a hot, pumping fire
- swimming, swimming, swimming
- my entire race calendar for next season (November 2012 to June 2013), which I have already got mapped out, see below
- all the training that said race calendar entails, and all in beautiful Wanaka, NZ
- visiting a friend in Cairns, Australia for 1 month, soaking up the warmth and sun
- getting a new puppy dog upon my return, yes that's right, a puppy!! A white german shepherd. One of these cute farts below:

His name shall be Zeus, yes like the god, and I shall train him
to be a superhero! 
Oh, so here's the plan. A bit more (winter) training in NZ, then hop plan to Oz for 1 month in Cairns. Race Yeppoon 70.3 Aug 19. Hope plane back to NZ, finish out the dregs of winter with some casual training, of my choice. Once end of September/beg of October rolls around, and hopefully milder temps, back to business, biatches!!!

The racing season looks like this:
Nov 3. Karapiro half-iron (potentially OR...)
Nov ?. Mt Somers duathlon (40k cycle - 24k mtn trail run - 30k cycle)
Dec 8. Taupo half-iron
Dec 15. Rotorua half-iron (back to back racing on the North Island!)
Jan 19. Challenge Wanaka half-iron
Mar ?. 3 Peaks 235k epic climbing cycle event, Victoria, Australia
June ?. Ironman Cairns

The training shall be epic, in particular the cycling required to ride for 11-12+ hours to complete the vertically-inclined ride in the Victorian Alps. Woah, baby! I wish it was summer already!

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