Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sweet sweet swim workouts!!

I never understood how some triathletes hate 1/3 of their sport (swimming). I fucking loooooooove it!!!
Not only do I adore creating my own workouts, I love challenging myself to complete someone else's creations. Below is a list of places I find swim workouts for myself when I need motivation. I especially love to do mixed stroke (fly, back, breast, free) swimming in a non-serious period of training. It breaks things up nicely, and butterfly really strengthens you up. LIKE A (beautiful, graceful) BULL.

Sara McLarty's blog (ITU athlete, swimmer extraordinaire): NTC Masters Swim
What a goddess. These are GOLD. I tend to stick with B-level distances but A-level speeds. 
Mixed stroke/IM workouts: 50 swim workouts! 
Crappy website but killer IM and mixed stroke workouts. Slowly making my way through all of these. 
Another option, based on skill level: 100 swimming workouts
Haven't used these yet, but the page has been bookmarked!! 
Triathlete/free-focused workouts: Andy Potts' FB page
He regularly posts epic free-focused swim workouts (4-7km+ in length).

Do you have any to add???? I would love to know!! 

I have also been a part of 6 different masters groups (2 in Montreal, 2 in Melbourne, 1 in Colorado and 1 in New Zealand), and I have logged every single session in TrainingPeaks since 2008. I have an infinite number of swim workouts of all types, and I'm so thankful to have the ability to dig into any and all previous workouts. My comments are probably gold as well... For example, when I was swimming with 8-16 year old Australian fish in Melbourne, one session was:
400 free
2x150 biondi (drill, basically fly but you don't let the arms come back over once out of the water)
[4x50 fly easy on 1:05
[2x100 fly med on 2:00
[1x200 fly hard on 4:00
150 back easy

I think I ate a kilo of yogurt and passed out on the university grounds after this early morning session. Oh, the horror. I also added in the TP comments "Vomit inducing fly session, oh god."

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