Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photos Hawaii 70.3

Here, very quickly, are some Hawaii photos, including 70.3 Honu. It was the toughest race I've done, including my Ironmans. Tough conditions... Race report to come, but my goal of 5:05-5:15 resulted in 6:03. Oh yes. And yet... it's all about problem solving, figuring out what went wrong, and improving upon it. The time was not a reflection of my fitness, which in itself is frustrating, but also incredibly humbling. I can't just expect my PBs to drop with each race, as I'll be confronted with TOUGH conditions at times, and my body not responding at other times, and bad luck. I should still have the desire to race and to continue what I started, which I did have last Saturday June 2nd. I could have easily pulled out when I was being swept off my bike in the crosswinds, and I could have easily pulled out when I had huge gastrointestinal problems on the run, with my stomach so bloated that my kit rubbed across my tummy and created huge blisters, rubbed raw over 21.1km. Rough day, good enough for 6th AG (out of 12), but definitely not good enough.

Never mind, a proper race report to come when I return to New Zealand in a few days, but until then here are some photos.

Thanks again to TrainingPeaks for letting me wear their kit, and for representing their awesome company with pride!! Spoke to quite a few people about TP, actually! :)

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  1. I love these photos! I have been online looking at Hawaii real estate listings all summer with my girlfriend because it's always been a dream of ours to live there so why not now. Pictures like this give me even more motivation to go, thank you for sharing with us!