Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Goal-setting time!!!

It's the middle of winter, the shortest day of the year looms... it's the time of the year to sleep 10 hours a night, train short and sharp, stay warm, and eat high quality food in good company, preferably by a roaring fire. It's also the time of year to think about goal setting and how I want to approach the next year of my life -- sort of like Southern Hemisphere's New Years' Resolutions, only no one is doing this but me.

My goals:

1. Sleep a lot, rest a lot (and don't feel guilty about it!!!!) and do all the high quality work on the program. I have one more month in New Zealand before I head to Australia for a month, so the goal is to train hard but recover just as hard. Once in Australia, it will be a heck of a lot more about endurance.
2. I struggle with the cold. Like a bird, I can dissipate a lot of heat if I am in a hot environment (high surface area to volume ratio), but once cold, I need to use a LOT of energy to get warm again. Most of the time, it is energy I don't even have. I don't yet know of a medical term for it (it is not Seasonal Affective Disorder, as that has more to do with the amount of sunlight hours a person is exposed to), but it's close to. It's the reason I left Canada in the first place; I felt depressed and frozen for 8 months of the year. If I'm not in a warm to hot environment, I'm unable to function because I feel frigid. It takes me about 2 hours to warm up in front of the fire, but about 10 seconds to cool down if away from it. So, my goal here is to actively combat the cold by not being careless about clothing choices, by always having blankets nearby, by not being stupid and wearing enough cycling clothing while going out on SHORTER rides than usual, but working harder, so on and so forth. Rather than give in to feeling cold and depressed for weeks, I have to try to prevent getting cold in the first place.
3. Once in Australia for 1 month, I want to pile on the training, shed the layers, and soak up some sunshine/warmth (NEVER go without sun block!!!!)
4. Get ready to race Yeppoon 70.3, and race it hard!!!

Trail running on a crisp but clear day
Cycling in the cold (0-1 C)
Collecting free firewood!! I'm wearing a tshirt and 3 sweaters,
which only gives me the appearance of a bulked-up lumberjack.


  1. Oh I'm glad I"m not the only one who gets cold so easily. I just about froze in my 2 IM swims because the water gets so cold in Arizona in November. I'm thinking happy warm thoughts for IM Canada! Glad you are recovering well from Honu!

    1. I've heard that IMC swim is not warm, but not COLDCOLD. For me, if it is too cold, my only instinct is not to swim fast, but to pee frequently. :P