Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two days in the life of an incubating virus!!

Right smack at the start of the peak phase of training for Hawaii 70.3, I was hit by a virus. Seems like many of the kids in town are getting it (and myself, I must still be half-kid). This is the sequence of events I've experienced lately.

Tuesday AM: Phone call with TrainingPeaks to discuss my coaching account. I'm pretty sure Dan, the guy I was talking to, thought I was an idiot because by then I wasn't feeling too hot. I had plenty of questions I wanted to ask, but proceeded to forget them all and just stumbled around for the entirety of the phone call. After it ended, I felt horrid, so took a nap. Went to swim, and it was average. It was an average swim that, afterwards, took more out of me than it should have.

Tuesday PM: Straight from the swim, I changed into work clothes. Worked at the pool. Started feeling woozy, with a headache, and really cold, despite working in an environment that's about 27C. Struggled through it. Was hungry but nothing felt appealing. Got home at 7:30pm, threw all my shit everywhere on the ground and from 8:00pm until 4:00am, had my heater on but alternated shivering and sweating for the entire night.

Wednesday AM: More sleep, felt like crap. My entire body, head, muscles and joints ached. I felt weak, could barely stand without passing out. I gave up on being athletic for a couple days just to let this thing run its course. Every time I took a sip of water, I had to pee 1 minute later. All I felt like eating were oranges and croissants and V8 juice. I never eat croissants? Slept, sweated some more, was fed by the boyfriend.

Wednesday PM: Really started crying a lot because my body ached so much, my head hurt so much and I kept sweating. My body was overheating and I felt like dying! Fever alert!! Drama queen, I know, but this part seemed never-ending. I got a back massage from the boyfriend, and my muscles were in knots from clenching them so hard the previous night while shivering. Finally had a shower. Ate another orange and another croissant. Watched a movie but it was too long. I prefer watching 20-30 minute nature documentaries. Went to sleep.

Thursday AM: Huuuuuungry, but I am feeling a lot better!! Legs still ache a bit. Doing more resting today. I have work in the afternoon, then spending 30-40 minutes on the trainer just to flush things out and to "do something" this evening. I'm going to ease back into training tomorrow.

There you have it, the dramatic and short-lived life of a virus in my body!!

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  1. lol you big wuss
    glad you're feeling better lady :)