Monday, May 7, 2012

Random training photos...

I've got no fascinating topics to write about. I'm 4 weeks out from Hawaii 70.3. My life consists of:
1. training
Starting a trainer ride in front of the fire b/c I was so cold
... and overheating dramatically!
Testing out the TrainingPeaks tri shorts... sweeeeeet feel!
Finishing the ride outdoors... Should have gone riding outside
by that point, but 1hr prior everything had been covered in fog!
2. more training...
Pool time, baby
The views ain't bad. 
But I'm freezing! I left most of my winter gear at home in
Canada, I had not planned on staying in NZ for the winter.
Turns out I am, and am sorely missing my leg warmers and
ear covers/skull cap. 
3. recovering
We live in a small one-bedroom place, and the bikes have
been taking up too much space. Thus... bike rack above bed.
I hope it doesn't break and the bike, chain rings first, falls on
 my face...
4. working at the pool

5. eating/sleeping/etc
6. coaching athletes (if you wish to be coached, want a lot of detailed attention and are new-ish to the sport, give me a shout!! E-mail address I plan on coaching up to 5 athletes, low cost (100$ CAD/USD a month), but a lot of attention. I mainly find pleasure in educating new triathletes on the best, most efficient and funnest ways of training, and help them out with gear, nutrition and sport science. Definitely more than just a training plan, it's an exchange of questions/answers and ideas. Fun, safe, and fancy free! Here is an example of one such training plan, as I know you'll be keen to see. This one is for a triathlete new to the sport (gearing up for her first Olympic distance, and a half-marathoner). I've written it up using TrainingPeaks coaching software, which I have the pleasure of using and will definitely write more about soon.

Hope to hear from you!! Share the word with anyone you think might be looking for such a coach. :)


  1. oh my goodness she's so happy btw
    I saw her today and she was all excited about everything. So glad for her!!! (and you!)
    Now time to get myself coaching as well! But first... more studying for calculus!!

  2. Aw, that's so great to hear! I really like coaching her! :)