Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pretty Photos 015 - Some regular ol' views

Have not been exploring too far afield, just getting to know the areas close to home a little bit more... Some solid work at home.

Out to Hawea Lookout -- staple hilly ride. 
Lake Hawea
Cloudy riverside run
Never-ending grassy hills to run up and over!
In the last couple days, we've had quite a bit of weather come through and had a fresh dumping of snow on the mountains. Makes for pretty views, must get my camera out... it is definitely an indication of things to come! Winter is approaching, and I see myself getting on the mountain bike far more than the road bike, unfortunately. First and foremost, however, is a cruisey recovery week, peaking for Hawaii 70.3, a taper, a racecation to Hawaii with my partner, spending some time in the sun and then, post-race, hiking up to the volcano!! Woohoo!!

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