Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pre-Hawaii 70.3 thoughts

I'm leaving for Hawaii in less than 2 days, and I'm in the taper phase of training. It's given me time to sleep excessively, and to think about where I'm at for this race.

In terms of training, I've only had 2-3 months of it!! December, January and February were a wash due to overtraining, anemia and a bike crash. I did my own thing for the month of March, which included doing a 375k multisport race in a 2-woman team! For April and May, I had a new coach. I got to know his style of coaching, he got to know me as an athlete. I'm obviously not the fittest I could be, but I do feel quite good.

I'm hitting some good times in the pool. Today, among other things: 4x200m pull, paddles on 3:20, coming in 2:45. I feel 100% comfortable on the bike, and I'm feeling wicked in aero position. My run has been a struggle for nearly a year now, but I finally feel strong, perhaps not **fast**.

I'm gunning for a 30-31 minute swim (non-wetsuit), a sub-2:45 bike, and a sub-1:50 run. I don't know if the course (or my fitness) can give me that. But that's what I feel I am capable of... That's, what, a 5:05-5:15 race? I'm mainly focused on RACING, that is, bringing myself nearer and nearer the red line in terms of effort in the swim, bike, run, then holding on for the last 5k. :D

Nevertheless, I hope to do TrainingPeaks proud. By the way, have you seen their new updates?? Unreal! Check it out here!! I'm especially digging the ability to see where my peak pace by distance was in a run. Were they mostly in the first half of the run and I fell apart at the end? Or the reverse, where I nailed it by going out at a sustainable pace and brought it home strong? I'm seriously loving the ability to create little chats between myself and my coach (or myself and my own athletes that I coach) on every workout. Totally baller!!

Lastly, Wanaka's been particularly beautiful lately. Some shots in town:

I'm SUPER SUPER EXCITED to go to Hawaii! I've never been, I want to swim in the ocean, eat heaps of fruit at the farmers markets, stand-up paddleboard SUP!, do some trail running and hiking up a volcano (post-race!), and generally just enjoy myself luxuriously. OH, and RACE!!! Failures abounded the last couple months, and I'm excited to have a great race. First vacation with the boyfriend, too, and it's in paradise! Sweet!!


  1. I'm so excited for you for your first time in Hawaii!!! It's beautiful there and I hope you love it!

  2. Have fun in Hawaii and kick butts Krystyna!