Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pre-Hawaii 70.3 thoughts

I'm leaving for Hawaii in less than 2 days, and I'm in the taper phase of training. It's given me time to sleep excessively, and to think about where I'm at for this race.

In terms of training, I've only had 2-3 months of it!! December, January and February were a wash due to overtraining, anemia and a bike crash. I did my own thing for the month of March, which included doing a 375k multisport race in a 2-woman team! For April and May, I had a new coach. I got to know his style of coaching, he got to know me as an athlete. I'm obviously not the fittest I could be, but I do feel quite good.

I'm hitting some good times in the pool. Today, among other things: 4x200m pull, paddles on 3:20, coming in 2:45. I feel 100% comfortable on the bike, and I'm feeling wicked in aero position. My run has been a struggle for nearly a year now, but I finally feel strong, perhaps not **fast**.

I'm gunning for a 30-31 minute swim (non-wetsuit), a sub-2:45 bike, and a sub-1:50 run. I don't know if the course (or my fitness) can give me that. But that's what I feel I am capable of... That's, what, a 5:05-5:15 race? I'm mainly focused on RACING, that is, bringing myself nearer and nearer the red line in terms of effort in the swim, bike, run, then holding on for the last 5k. :D

Nevertheless, I hope to do TrainingPeaks proud. By the way, have you seen their new updates?? Unreal! Check it out here!! I'm especially digging the ability to see where my peak pace by distance was in a run. Were they mostly in the first half of the run and I fell apart at the end? Or the reverse, where I nailed it by going out at a sustainable pace and brought it home strong? I'm seriously loving the ability to create little chats between myself and my coach (or myself and my own athletes that I coach) on every workout. Totally baller!!

Lastly, Wanaka's been particularly beautiful lately. Some shots in town:

I'm SUPER SUPER EXCITED to go to Hawaii! I've never been, I want to swim in the ocean, eat heaps of fruit at the farmers markets, stand-up paddleboard SUP!, do some trail running and hiking up a volcano (post-race!), and generally just enjoy myself luxuriously. OH, and RACE!!! Failures abounded the last couple months, and I'm excited to have a great race. First vacation with the boyfriend, too, and it's in paradise! Sweet!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pretty Photos 016 - SNOW!!!!

The mountains are getting some snow... it is stunning!! 

In other news, last week of peak training for Hawaii 70.3, maybe after I'll have the stamina to put out some posts with words in them??

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two days in the life of an incubating virus!!

Right smack at the start of the peak phase of training for Hawaii 70.3, I was hit by a virus. Seems like many of the kids in town are getting it (and myself, I must still be half-kid). This is the sequence of events I've experienced lately.

Tuesday AM: Phone call with TrainingPeaks to discuss my coaching account. I'm pretty sure Dan, the guy I was talking to, thought I was an idiot because by then I wasn't feeling too hot. I had plenty of questions I wanted to ask, but proceeded to forget them all and just stumbled around for the entirety of the phone call. After it ended, I felt horrid, so took a nap. Went to swim, and it was average. It was an average swim that, afterwards, took more out of me than it should have.

Tuesday PM: Straight from the swim, I changed into work clothes. Worked at the pool. Started feeling woozy, with a headache, and really cold, despite working in an environment that's about 27C. Struggled through it. Was hungry but nothing felt appealing. Got home at 7:30pm, threw all my shit everywhere on the ground and from 8:00pm until 4:00am, had my heater on but alternated shivering and sweating for the entire night.

Wednesday AM: More sleep, felt like crap. My entire body, head, muscles and joints ached. I felt weak, could barely stand without passing out. I gave up on being athletic for a couple days just to let this thing run its course. Every time I took a sip of water, I had to pee 1 minute later. All I felt like eating were oranges and croissants and V8 juice. I never eat croissants? Slept, sweated some more, was fed by the boyfriend.

Wednesday PM: Really started crying a lot because my body ached so much, my head hurt so much and I kept sweating. My body was overheating and I felt like dying! Fever alert!! Drama queen, I know, but this part seemed never-ending. I got a back massage from the boyfriend, and my muscles were in knots from clenching them so hard the previous night while shivering. Finally had a shower. Ate another orange and another croissant. Watched a movie but it was too long. I prefer watching 20-30 minute nature documentaries. Went to sleep.

Thursday AM: Huuuuuungry, but I am feeling a lot better!! Legs still ache a bit. Doing more resting today. I have work in the afternoon, then spending 30-40 minutes on the trainer just to flush things out and to "do something" this evening. I'm going to ease back into training tomorrow.

There you have it, the dramatic and short-lived life of a virus in my body!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Random training photos...

I've got no fascinating topics to write about. I'm 4 weeks out from Hawaii 70.3. My life consists of:
1. training
Starting a trainer ride in front of the fire b/c I was so cold
... and overheating dramatically!
Testing out the TrainingPeaks tri shorts... sweeeeeet feel!
Finishing the ride outdoors... Should have gone riding outside
by that point, but 1hr prior everything had been covered in fog!
2. more training...
Pool time, baby
The views ain't bad. 
But I'm freezing! I left most of my winter gear at home in
Canada, I had not planned on staying in NZ for the winter.
Turns out I am, and am sorely missing my leg warmers and
ear covers/skull cap. 
3. recovering
We live in a small one-bedroom place, and the bikes have
been taking up too much space. Thus... bike rack above bed.
I hope it doesn't break and the bike, chain rings first, falls on
 my face...
4. working at the pool

5. eating/sleeping/etc
6. coaching athletes (if you wish to be coached, want a lot of detailed attention and are new-ish to the sport, give me a shout!! E-mail address I plan on coaching up to 5 athletes, low cost (100$ CAD/USD a month), but a lot of attention. I mainly find pleasure in educating new triathletes on the best, most efficient and funnest ways of training, and help them out with gear, nutrition and sport science. Definitely more than just a training plan, it's an exchange of questions/answers and ideas. Fun, safe, and fancy free! Here is an example of one such training plan, as I know you'll be keen to see. This one is for a triathlete new to the sport (gearing up for her first Olympic distance, and a half-marathoner). I've written it up using TrainingPeaks coaching software, which I have the pleasure of using and will definitely write more about soon.

Hope to hear from you!! Share the word with anyone you think might be looking for such a coach. :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pretty Photos 015 - Some regular ol' views

Have not been exploring too far afield, just getting to know the areas close to home a little bit more... Some solid work at home.

Out to Hawea Lookout -- staple hilly ride. 
Lake Hawea
Cloudy riverside run
Never-ending grassy hills to run up and over!
In the last couple days, we've had quite a bit of weather come through and had a fresh dumping of snow on the mountains. Makes for pretty views, must get my camera out... it is definitely an indication of things to come! Winter is approaching, and I see myself getting on the mountain bike far more than the road bike, unfortunately. First and foremost, however, is a cruisey recovery week, peaking for Hawaii 70.3, a taper, a racecation to Hawaii with my partner, spending some time in the sun and then, post-race, hiking up to the volcano!! Woohoo!!