Thursday, April 12, 2012

Want a free coach?

Hi all, since September of last year I've been in the process of becoming Triathlon New Zealand Level 1 Coach certified. Not only do I have to complete learning modules, read, watch coaching DVDs, etc... I also have to show them that I can bring two athletes through ~12 weeks of training and to the finish line of a triathlon race!

So... I'm looking for two keen athletes that have a race they want to complete and want a FREE coach for the 12 weeks (3 months) leading up to the event. I can communicate by e-mail primarily, and skype every so often as well! I'd prefer to use TrainingPeaks as the benefits to using this software are huge, but if you'd prefer simple e-mail or .doc or excel spreadsheet training plans, I can do that as well! If you're someone new to the sport and want to give triathlon a go, or if you're stepping up in distance and want some help getting there, I'd be super keen to help you out! I am willing to coach anyone from try-a-tri to Ironman distance racing.

Of course, the coaching would be free as I'm not currently accredited to coach, but am in the accreditation process.

Shoot me an e-mail at krys(_)tyna911(at), remove the brackets. Hope to hear from some of you!!

Update: 1 athlete has gotten in touch with me; 1 free coaching slot available! :)
Update #2: Both spots are now taken!! Thanks all!!


  1. Tyna, I think I have just the person for you. I'll send her a link to this blog post!!
    :) Her name is Nathalie

  2. Cool beans, that'd be awesome! Thanks, Steph!