Sunday, March 11, 2012

TrainingPeaks discount codes!

Ooooh some exciting news today!! TrainingPeaks is getting all 20 of the Athlete Ambassador bios up and running and I'll soon have my profile featured on their website. Very cool! They've also given me the privilege to give something back to you: discount codes to their services! 

You know TrainingPeaks is good if frickin'  Crowie is using it.
Holy shit, he is a beast. 
If you want 15% discount on their software, which includes Premium Edition planning and logging of workouts, then you've darn well come to the right place! 

What can you get when you sign up:
- Ability to log (and plan) your workouts and meals
- Ability to track daily metrics such as sleep quantity and quality, weight, etc
- Over 80+ devices are supported by TrainingPeaks (Garmin, Polar, etc)
- VirtualCoach race season planning
- Ability to build an Annual Training Plan (ATP)
- Calendar sync, mobile access
- In-depth and enhanced analysis for all you data geeks out there! This includes TSS (Training Stress Score, Normalized Power, Power:HR decoupling, and so much more... holy batman)

So, if you're keen on subscribing to some really powerful triathlon (and cycling, running, swimming) software, then use this discount link and use the discount code: TPA11 and you'll get a 15% discount on however long or short a membership you choose. Tell your friends!! 

(A "my life" update post coming up next! Some exciting stuff!)

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