Friday, March 2, 2012

Pretty Photos 013 - Cows

Cows look like cute creatures but when you've got a bull in the middle of the road (and takes up about half the road, too!!), refusing to move and all you are is a bike and a very thin-skinned human... you definitely don't want to take the chance of passing. If you've got THREE bulls on the road (as I do here), then you take your camera out, zoom in all the way, and take a picture. Then you ride back from whence you came!! 
This is the look of someone that does not give a fuck!
This here's a run on the beautiful Glendhu Bay track. We
had a dumping of snow on the mountains, but it cleared
up in the morning so I went out to play!! Didn't see any
cows this go-around, just heaps of sheep! Baaaaa

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