Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Goldrush 375k PREP!

So, last hard workout before Goldrush 375k multisport race was yesterday. Backing off to one-a-day's and ~1hr or less each day. I've started my prep and packing for the race, the logistics of which are a bit intimidating. You think you have a lot to pack for an Ironman? Try packing for a 3-day multisport race where you need kayak, mtn bikes, road bikes, perhaps a tri bike if you think you won't be in a group to draft with, run gear, camping and outdoor gear, an assortment of warm and cool "real life" and racing clothing. Here's the run down:

Race stuff:
- tri bike, road bike
- 2 pairs of run shoes
- socks, bras, shorts and crops, tech tees, long sleeve
- waterproof jacket, arm warmers
- cycling gear for all weather (bibs, tri shorts, cycling shorts, toe covers, shoe covers, cycling jerseys, tri top, gloves, cycling shoes, knee warmers, full-leg bibs)
- pump for tires, chamois cream
- extra tubes a-plenty!
- home-made gels, bars, extra water bottles
- camera to photograph all events and landscapes, CHARGED
- helmet, sunglasses, extra pair of sunglasses, garmin 310xt CHARGED, heart rate monitor
- couple bottles of sun block
- Nathan pack, nuun tablets
- liters and liters of water; at some locations no potable water is available and as far as I know there are NO aid stations on the course.
- food enough for during the day for both myself, my team mate and our support crew, which consists of her au paire (nanny for her two kids) and my boyfriend
- recovery food (Up&Go Energize, chocolate milk, fruit)
Camping Gear:
- foam mat
- tent
- sleeping bag
- pillows for head and under the knees
- head lamp/bike light
- first aid kit
Regular clothing:
- winter boots to keep warm, fur slippers
- warm socks, sweaters, mittens, hats
- toiletries (toothpaste, toilet paper, toothbrush, hair brush, shampoo, soap, moisturizing lotion, towels, extra elastics and bobby pins)
- jeans, shorts, underwear
- sweaters, tshirts, tanktop, LAYERS
- jacket
- compression socks
- Race rules and updates
- Support crew info
- Course description


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