Sunday, January 15, 2012

Regular training vs. Now

I had a race yesterday. For the first time ever, I DNFed... race report to come, but let me say, it got ugly:

I've been a bit discombobulated lately. What with becoming anemic and now this rather serious bike crash, I've had an unfortunate 2-3 weeks of poor quality training, and the week leading up to Challenge Wanaka doesn't look any better. In fact, it looks like this:

My TrainingPeaks log for next week. 

When I'm used to week-in, week-out of this:
One of the last weeks I had of consistent training before
But, no, seriously, TrainingPeaks is the best way to organize
your training by sport, by intensity, by duration, whatever
you want... 
It's uncertain if I am able to race next weekend. My goal of high up there in the female rankings, perhaps 1st AG (F 18-29) is definitely out of the question. At the moment I can't walk because of the massive internal bleeding, the road rash on my leg, minor road rash on my arm, and strained muscles in my upper torso (tricep, lats, etc). Ideally I can fix my bike in time, have the swelling go down, ease the strain in my muscles so that I am able to swim, bike, and run. I'll be lucky if I can be on the start line on race day actually ABLE to complete the distance. 

Race report from yesterday's sprint tri is up next. The only good news to come out of that was that I was first female out of the water!!

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  1. Something tells me that thigh felt spectacular in the shower! LOL! That's when those rashes hurt the most! Get well soon!