Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New goals, new plans, new focus

I've been traveling the last 2 years of my life, never living in one place for longer than 5 months. I had not been investing in a home, in people, in relationships and friendships because I knew that, all too shortly, I'd be moving on. So when I returned to Wanaka, New Zealand on a 1 year working holiday, I had the intention of staying for their spring/summer/fall, but moving back and traveling throughout the United States yet again for their summer. Once more, I'd be settling down briefly only to leave a short while later. I didn't know that this lifestyle was wearing on me until someone suggested that

1. I stop doing back-to-back summers of training and racing and actually have an off season (3 weeks off to race every weekend, and to crew for a friend's first ultramarathon does not constitute a proper off-season!!)
2. I stop moving. I stay in New Zealand. I build a home. I attempt to get permanent residency. I lose out on some of the planned races and goals (my goal had been to race 70.3s and full IMs to qualify for Vegas again AND this time for Hawaii as well). I make another plan, I have more focus on one big race, have fun with the smaller races. Last season, I'd made every race an "A" race, just hoping that one, or all, of them would be successful in getting what I wanted.

So when staying in New Zealand was suggested to me, there was honestly an instant sigh of relief. Yes, I had been excited to race my race calendar (3 70.3's, 1 full IM) but I had been feeling a little antsy and tired of not having a home yet again (other than my car) for 5 months straight.

The new plan is this... have fun, train hard and train smart, race plenty (non-serious) races in New Zealand. Take one, and only one, BIG race as the main focus of the year. End my season in May or June, have a cozy winter, and if I qualify for the World Champs, then recommence training after a PROPER off-season recovery.


  1. Sounds like a wise plan, it's gotta to be pretty tough to live like a pro athlete without anyone actually paying you to do so, and even the pros need breaks. Incidentally, I was in Wanaka last week! It's a lovely place, I can see why you'd want to live there. I considered getting in touch while down there but my means of communication were pretty limited - I did half expect to just see you around since it's such a small place :P