Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm on "The Best of We Noticed" on SlowTwitch!!!!!!

Heyyyyy so my photo is totally featured as one of the best photos on the SlowTwitch forums' The Best of "We Noticed", SlowTwitch's selection of favourite images submitted by its readers for the year 2011.

It is this photo:

I should say that it's obviously not taken by me but by my flatmate, Em, who I handed the camera to as she dropped back to take a photo of myself (blonde chick peace signing) and the others we were cycling with. I do love this photo!!

Check out the other photos selected (link above), they are AWESOME. If you want to submit your own photo, you do so at We Noticed.

1 comment:

  1. cooooooooooool!
    you're so famous!
    I submitted pics and then I felt bad cause I submitted three and then read not to do that.
    I thought there was a review process and they'd get picked out and might be posted. OOPS.
    I feel like an ass now.
    know any good smoothie recipes?