Friday, January 13, 2012

Decision made: Ironman 70.3 Hawaii!!!!

Yes, decision has been made. I'm opting to race and get FAST, rather than complete a full Ironman and stay slow, i.e. stay in the 11-12hr range. I am planning my entire summer around fun races, and then building up for one race, one goal:

Win AG (and both 70.3 and full World Champ slots) at Ironman 70.3 Hawaii on June 2. That's it. That's all. It's the perfect race for me...
- I do amazing in the heat. Small body dissipates heat easily, everyone else suffers far more, I love seeing others suffer, I thrive on it, and then crush them!! See Cairns half-iron race report: here. And Boulder 70.3, racing at 99F. Come to think of it, all the races where I've felt like I totally nailed it, ended strong on the run, have been in ridiculous heat.
- It's at the beginning of winter/end of autumn. No need to train through winter and moan about the cold. I end my season when I need to end it, boom done.
- No excessive traveling. I was thinking of sticking with my 2 70.3's I had already planned on doing (Eagleman 70.3 and Buffalo Springs 70.3) but that meant about 1 month of traveling, living out of my car and excessive amounts of driving, yet again, and I was antsy about that. And it was in the wintertime for me, I'd be delaying starting my off season yet again.
- No full ironman this season. Contemplating IM St George, Utah in May but I do not need to train my body to go long, it already loves doing that. I need to train my body to go fast. Training for an Ironman is easy. Training to race, really race a 70.3, holy crap is that hard. I've been experiencing some serious growing pains since I've started my "GET FAST" training. My body has NO IDEA how to cope with the higher intensities, my heart is just starting to figure out it won't explode in zone 4 and 5+ HR, and mentally I'm still learning how to deal with the suffering that comes with training, and racing, near lactate threshold.

I also found cheap as flights to Hawaii, scanning the prices, changing the dates of departure and arrival. Flight prices from New Zealand (Christchurch) oscillated between 1200$ and 7000$, and that's just changing the arrival and departure dates by one or two days. So, obviously, I chose the 1200$ option! Yahoo!!

I'm also honestly going there to pig out on awesome, cheap fruit from the local fruit stands. I miss living in Peru and getting 1 huge, delicious, awesome bag of mixed fruit for 3 Sols (= ~1$ USD).

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