Monday, December 19, 2011

Pretty Photos 009 - A new view

I've seen Stevenson's Arm, The Peninsula and down the Clutha River a million times, but sometimes you stumble upon a new view of the things you see every day and you have to look twice, take a photo or two, because hot damn it's even more beautiful today than all previous days, combined.

Who's excited for Christmas?? We're going to have perfect days up until next Sunday: fine, light winds, sunny, around 26-27C. 

My plan for Christmas Day: 
- Race simulation of the Challenge Wanaka half bike course (90k), and transition run. Should give me an idea of what I can put together next month for the half-iron. Everyone is going to be huuuuung over from the previous eve; roads should be empty. Damn, can't wait!!!
- Leg soak in the lake, river or creek post-ride/run
- Spend the rest of the day recovering, opening presents, making fabulous food and eating it with the boy toy. I think we're shooting a rabbit for dinner! Jetboating?

Two days later I've got the Lake Hayes Christmas Sprint triathlon, one of the oldest triathlons in New Zealand (1982 or '83?), sweeeeeet. Did it last year in downpour conditions, legendary.

Oh, and apparently I twitter now (tweetered?): @krystynag47
Not sure how to use it though.

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