Friday, December 16, 2011

Now sponsored by: TRAINING PEAKS, baby!!

I am excited to shout that, for the next year, I am sponsored by the one, the only: TrainingPeaks!

I am part of their 2012 Athlete Ambassador program! Boom, baby!! The team was announced today, link here.

I've been training using the TrainingPeaks software for going on almost two years now (Feb 2012 will be my two year anniversary, celebration time!!!). Sometimes I forget that there are athletes out there that don't use TrainingPeaks to analyze their day-to-day workouts, their week-to-week training and their month-to-month and season-to-season progression.

I remember starting out as a triathlete (i.e. I flopped around in the pool year-round, only biking and running in the 3 months that Canadians call spring-summer-fall), and I used BeginnerTriathlete to log my workouts. For a beginner, the website is totally awesome and I still do love browsing the forums for some laughs, some knowledge, and the sexy sexy classifieds. But, there came a point when:

1. I needed a way of analyzing more than just week-to-week volume. I needed to see what had to be done in the future, record what I had just completed, and analyze what had been achieved in the past. KEY TO SUCCESS!
2. I needed a way of communicating with a coach, without him crying his eyes out because I was calling him daily. ENTER TRAINING PEAKS.

Anyway, long story dramatically cut short, I already knew 2012 was going to be awesome because:
- I am loving being back training and racing in New Zealand
- I am going to travel throughout the United States yet again in their summer, and experience the joy of the Whole Foods parking lot once more
- Many many 70.3s and 1 full IM of racing, yay!

And now...
- Representing Training Peaks, hoping to improve their software via personal-use feedback