Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lake Hayes Christmas Triathlon, in a few words.

There's always very little to say about a Sprint triathlon: I went as hard as I could given my fatigue levels, I improved on last year's time, and I got 9th female in the open category. Some of New Zealand's top guns came out, including pros Nikki Samuels, Jamie Whyte, etc. Sweeeeet.

The swim was a touch choppy, the winds had picked up. The bike was windy as all hell. Power numbers were embarrassingly low due to....
1. Some big training last week, culminating on a Christmas Day "breakdown session", where I ended up off the bike with nothing left, realizing I still had a 10k brick run to... well, "run". I distinctly remember running into friends on the trails and waving my arms about, saying I had no idea how I was going to make it home and they replied: "What? Your home is just 2k away..." Yes, I was done.
2. Half the time, in the crosswinds, I'd have to get out of the aerobars and physically push my bike into the ground to prevent being sideswept.
And the run... I ran it. Far below LTHR, but with good form. That's what is most important to me right now. Loved the heat, saw people wilting and crushed them. As usual, no girls passed me on the run and I passed quite a few.

So... all in all... about a 5 minute improvement over last year's time, in tougher (windier, hotter) conditions and with lower HR averages (as a result of increasing fatigue from training). Cool beans. It'll get there. I'm entered in the Outside Sports Ultimate Tri Series, mainly with the intention of learning how to "go hard".

Jan 14: Jack's Point Tri. 500m swim, 20k road bike, 5k off-road run
Feb 19: Paradise/Glenorchy triathlon. 750m swim, 18k mtb, 6k run
Mar 17: Moke Lake tri. 750m swim, 20k mtb, 6k run
Apr 6: Lake Hayes Easter tri. 750 swim, 20k road bike, 5k off-road run

The boy toy was my sherpa for the day. He did a greaaaat job.  
Pre-race... Einstein is READY FOR THIS SHIT. 
And we go... 
Been working on run form... now just need to keep building
strength in the new positioning. 
After the race, we made out way to Queenstown for the obligatory post-race Fergburgers, where we accidentally got 3 instead of 2, back to Lake Hayes for the prize-giving, to the QT pool for a 1.5hr swim session, and back home to relax and eat delicious fruit salad as the sun set over our mountains. It's been a goooood Christmas week.

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