Saturday, October 8, 2011

What to do with all your race medals!!

So, I know triathletes are divided into two very serious camps: those that HATE medals and consider them pointless, and those that adore them, and will wear them out to their next dinner date. I'm, ahem, in the former and so have been tossing them on random bookshelves or in my underwear drawer. UNTIL NOW.

I had a string of Christmas lights decorating my rather empty windows (I broke my curtains a couple years ago), but those lights had also burnt out and died. Being lazy, I decided to keep them up for a couple years and now they have a new purpose. Check it out!!

Yes, my glass lamp shade is also broken. To wake me up and
get fed, my cats like to throw things off high perches. They've
broken my lamp, an iPod, and many many drinking glasses.
They're pretty much assholes. 


  1. AHA!!!!!!!
    You little devil you.
    That's a genius idea... I have a string of lights that's actually working, I wonder if putting my medals on it would cause a fire. Let's hope not cause I'm totally gonna try this!
    "will wear them out to their next dinner date"
    I feel like you're talking directly about me here lol and clearly making fun of me. Because you clearly did make fun of me when I did this. hehe

  2. Nah, unless the medal fabric is directly touching the light... if the fabric is just touching the string, the plastic of the string of lights keeps the heat from the resistant conducting wire in well. I want to see pictures!!
    (And yes, I was making fun of you... and others like you! HA!)

  3. Whatever yo. you're a hobo.
    SO HA.
    I attempted to put some up last night, but almost fell on my face, but I think I need to put some hooks up and then it'll hold better. Since the lights are right above my head as I sleep I'd rather not get clobbered by a race medal in the middle of the night...
    Also totally off topic but... I am having so much trouble concentrating on my school work because I keep going to travel sites and looking at pictures of Arizona. *sigh*
    When are you leaving for NZ?

  4. This is suh-weeeeeet! I am so going to copy you and try this out. I’m a definitely in the group that throws the medals in a box--and not even sure where they can be found--but when I do find them, I’m going to hit up the Christmas lights! WOOT WOOT!