Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vermont 50 MTB and Ultrarun (pacer!!)

Woah, so I had a great weekend pacing my friend in her first ultramarathon - a (very muddy) 50k trail race in Vermont. There were 50k runners, 50mi runners and 50mi MTB's on a beautiful course. I had the pleasure of athlete-watching (my favourite kind of people-watching) at the start line and at Dugdale aid station before I took a shuttle to Goodman's aid station to meet her and pace her the last 10 miles. She kicked ASS -- her last 10mi were her fastest of the entire race. She's now an ultrarunner and holy crap am I proud!!

Pictures pretty much say it all:
An expo unlike any other: among the typical exhibitioners
at an athletic event (sports companies, bicycle manufactures,
etc), there were also several stands selling maple syrup, fresh
produce and home-baked pies. Hellllooooo Vermont! 

At the campground I was staying at. There were also stuffed
(fake) bears everywhere - wearing hats, climbing trees, being

My friend and I just before the start of her first ultra! Exciting!

Definitely the best picture of the day. Totally
captures the nervousness surrounding a "first
time" race. 

Runners passed by this private property, where a bunch of
horses were running around, but they also were seen running
in that open field far up ahead as well. Most of the race course
is on private land, which really makes it stunning. You run
up people's country driveways, explore their forested "backyards"
and then keep on going. It's AMAZING. 

Dugdale aid station. I love how hippy the race shirts are. 

View from Goodman's aid station, where I began pacing my
friend for the last 10 miles. 

She might have thrown her water bottle at me right after this
was taken...

After running in a forested section for a good while, we suddenly
found ourselves out in the open with spectacular autumnal views. 

This did NOT capture it effectively, oh well

I have a feeling someone's been stealing road signs...

Among many things I can really commend this race on is the
fact that they marked the course INCREDIBLY well, not only
pointing at which direction you need to take, but also putting
up posters in bright pink if you started to go the wrong way.
For those runners afraid of getting lost out there on the trails,
this is huge. 

Vermont being Vermont...

Someone's home!

Yep, this is someone's PROPERTY. WTF, mate!

Finishing it up!

Annnnnd we're done. It was such an awesome day!!! 

Well... that's got me itching to do some trail runs and races, eh?

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    But more than that, an awesome friend.
    I probably can never repay you for that.
    But I'm sure you know how much it meant to me.
    It was wonderful to share part of that experience with you.