Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Off season!

I'm doing whatever I want for 2 weeks post-Vegas, and that "whatever" has so far included a lot of rest.

After the World Champs, I took 4 days completely off, making the ridiculously long drive back towards Montreal. I then camped in Indiana for 2 nights, going riding on quiet roads in Hoosier National Forest and swimming in Patoka Lake on one day, and running a really small 10k run race the next.

Swam to this island in Patoka Lake. Pretty cool!

No comment...

Some rural roads: quiet, nicely paved, and in beautiful
autumn weather. Awww yeah. 

Yes, I asshole-d it up by getting the full IM 70.3 World Champs
cycling kit. Sometimes, you just gotta be a douche. 

Umm, yeah, it was awesome!

Off season/rest ends next Monday. Then it's time to rediscover some run speed because I want to massively PR in a half-marathon in November here in Canada. I haven't run on roads, or on flat terrain, or worked on run speed in a long long time so it'll be interesting to see what I can do. I know I'm starting to recover fully because I'm starting to go CRAZY with all the casual exercising and resting. 

I returned to Montreal yesterday, and one of my dogs became a lard ass while I was away this last year and a half, so I've beginning HIS training again. We went for a cruisey really short trail run in the small (MINIATURE) forest behind my house and he kept trying to cut me off and slow me down because he was tired from all the running. It'll be great to whip him back into shape! 

This weekend I am pacing my friend in her first ultramarathon, the 50k trail run in Vermont: Vermont 50 MT Bike or Ultra. I'm pacing her the last 10miles and I can't WAIT!!!! I do love trails and taking pictures and being around hippy ultrarunners. It's going to be fab!

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