Saturday, September 10, 2011

Las Vegas 70.3 World Championship bike course shots

So I'm in Nevada, and have been camping out at a nearby campground. The race prep is underway, the packet has been picked up, the last workout is in the bank, and the bike course has been explored.

I'd never gone to Clearwater, but I have a funny feeling that this course will be a true test of who are the best PRO and AG athletes. We're in the desert and despite it being an inhospitable wasteland, it is impossibly beautiful as well. Here are photos from the bike course:

There's nothing out there. Usually, if you stop, you hear
birds chirping wherever you are. Here? You hear nothing
but wind. It's... bizarre. 

Beautiful course. 

This is what race courses should look like. I hate when races
go through industrial areas, or cities... I want courses through
national parks, and I desperately want to be surrounded by
nature. I'm going to love it!

The athlete dinner and race briefing is tonight, there's a practice swim tomorrow, then I'm meeting my coach and another athlete of his that also qualified for Vegas for lunch, and lastly I have to drop off my bike and gear bags. Last race of the season!! Punch it out!!! 

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