Monday, September 5, 2011

Goals for Vegas 70.3 World Championships

Okay, so I'll be heading into my first World Championships event in just about 1 week's time. The Ironman 70.3 World Championships for 2011 are to be held, for the first time ever, in Henderson, NV, on a far more fair course than the draft-fest that was Clearwater, FL.

Where am I going into this race?
-- Tired but recovering well from IM Louisville, which I raced last weekend to a 4th place AG finish (race report here)
-- Coming off an awesome (very long) season of racing, which resulted in four races in a row of 4th place AG finishes. With each passing race, the competition got deeper, the racing got harder, and yet I still placed 4th, so that's AWESOME
-- I'll be competing against far fiercer ladies, and this is my first season where I've been mildly competitive, so I hope not to be crushed
-- It'll be at sea level, pretty much, and my 70.3 PR (5:23:47) was at altitude, one week after racing another 70.3... so I hope to lower that, but I have nooooo idea if I can.

In the end, I've got 2 goals: "IDEAL IDEAL" time and position goals, and "realistic ideal" goals; and I guess I've got another option, which is... "all fucking hell breaks loose and I realize just how exhausted I am, and I totally screw the pooch".

IDEAL IDEAL goals, dream goals, holy shit if I do this I'll die happy (until the next race, that is):
Swim: sub-30' swim. I've got it in me, just got to execute and frickin' SWIM, mate!
Bike: sub-2:45 bike. I've got a 2:51 bike at Boulder 70.3. The Vegas 70.3 has a tougher course (slightly), but it could be made significantly tougher if we're given a windy day. Sub-2:45 would be ideal if it is windy, but I'm at sea level
Run: sub-1:50 run. No idea if I can do it (my ancient stand-alone half-marathon PR is 1:49:17 and it'd be cool to crush it in a 70.3), the run course is hilly but it's the last race of the season and I tend to get manic and try to kill myself b/c I know I've got nothing to do (but school) after this.
So that equates to about a 5:05-5:10 (given T1/2 times), and about a 15' PR from my last 70.3 in Boulder on August 7th. It's a stretch, but why the fuck not??

Realistic ideal goals, in the realm of possibility given my current state but still on an awesome day of racing!
Swim: sub-31'. Enough said. Don't be lazy.
Bike: sub-2:50. Tougher course, but I'm a better cyclist than I was even 4 weeks ago, so why not??
Run: sub-1:53. My legs are tired, I know it, and I have no idea if I even have any speed at all after IM training, and the very sporadic run training in general due to shin splint injury these last 4 months. As my coach said, I am probably very "metabolically inefficient" at running right now. But... it's at sea level... and about as hilly as Boulder 70.3 run course (1:54:xx), so why the fuck not, eh?

And, in the end, it's my first world championship, so I'll actually be ecstatic if I finish in the top 50% of my AG rather than the bottom 50%. If all else fails, it's always better to be faster than the majority, right??

Once Vegas is done, I'll start posting about next season's race schedule (fucking epic, that's what it is!)

The summer is wrapping up, so here are some of my favourite shots from these last few months spent traveling through central USA, mainly Colorado:

Deer in Colorado Springs

Palmer Park trail run

Wilson Ranch pool, C-Springs

View of Pikes Peak from afar

Garden of the Gods

The Incline

Near the top of Pikes Peak

Rocky Mountain National Park

Teton National Forest

Teton National Forest at sunset

Teton National Park

Calgary, Alberta


The Grottoes, on Independence Pass

Maroon Bells

Cycling along Independence Pass

Top of Independence Pass

Leadville getting ready for the LT100

Used to be Leadville's general store

Turquoise Lake during the LT100


Louisville and surrounding counties getting ready for IMKY

Underwear run

IMKY transition with bridge to Indiana in background

Number 71

IMKY swim time trial start

Getting up to get 4th place AG award, far right

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