Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boulder 70.3 Race Report

The back-to-back Ironman 70.3 racing went amazing! Far better than I could have ever expected!!! The Calgary 70.3 had its challenges, but I got a PR by 3 minutes on a 4.5km longer bike course. And, I got my slot to the Las Vegas 70.3 World Championships. You can read the race report here.

When I drove back to Boulder, I was actually feeling quite tired from the Calgary race. And... I was now back at altitude. I had NO idea how I'd perform. The temperatures were also 10C warmer (27C in Calgary, 37C in Boulder) on race day. 

The moderately quick and dirty race report:

Pre-race: I felt like ABSOLUTE SHIT. I had horrible nightmares, I didn't sleep well, my legs felt lethargic up until the swim warm up. Once I had finished warming up in the water, I got out and surprisingly felt fantastic. I felt giddy. It was time to race!!

Swim: 33:45, 1:46/100m pace, 6/19 F18-24.

I wanted to "not be lazy". I tend to slack off in the swim portion of all tris, and I wanted to "race" this one. Well, I did swim hard, but I still didn't get the result I wanted. Why? Although I sight well, I still swim too far out. I needed a tighter line to the buoys. Maybe the course was long? No matter, I worked hard, and I got whatever time I got. I was happy with my effort. 

T1: 2:37

No complaints, although I still don't know how to mount my bike with shoes already clipped in. 

Bike: 2:51:10, 31.6km/hr, 5/19 F18-24. 
Loop 1: 1:26:08
Loop 2: 1:25:02

I'm proud of this bike ride! I paced it super well, with the second loop faster than the first. I hydrated well, I took in more calories (160cal/hr), and I generally just had a ball. It's a mildly hilly course (elev gain: 574m (1883ft), but it does still feel fast. Just rode my race!

T2: 1:21

I'd slipped out of the shoes on the bike (I'm finally getting better at that!), but once at the bike rack, there was total chaos. Someone had pretty much thrown their bike on all my stuff, so I had to push their bike aside, grabbed shoes and cap and was off. 

Run: 1:54:54, 5:27/km, 4/19 F18-24.
Loop 1: 57:09
Loop 2: 57:45

My coach told me to drop out on the run if I felt pain from the shin splints. I had no idea what would happen, so I got onto the run course a bit tentatively. I really cruised the first loop. Everything felt nice and effortless. I had made a friend (a 20yr old dude), and we ran together with him slightly ahead. We'd give each other thumbs up when one or the other emitted a pretty sweet burp. I took the awards for that as I always race my 70.3 runs on coke and water. Let me say that it was HOT HOT HOT out there (37C -- 99F), but I kept myself well hydrated and cooled myself superbly with water and ice down the tri suit. While running, it felt like maybe 27C (81F) and only after I was done the race did I realize how frickin' HOT it was out. So, loop 1 was super controlled and easy. By the start of loop 2 I had dropped the guy I had been running with and started to pick up the pace. The pace did pick up, but I was also depending on aid stations more at this point to keep cool and to get my calories/caffeine in. It was an almost even split run. Starting the run, I knew all I would have to do to break my time goal of sub-5:30 was a 2:01 half-marathon. At the beginning of loop 2, I realized a sub-5:25 was possible, so I went for it and SO NAILED IT.
F18-24 started 20' after the pros. 

Boulder 70.3 in 5:23:47, 4/19 F18-24, PR of 14-15', just from last weekend's 70.3. To say I was elated was a crazy understatement. I'd never finished a race with a fist pump... until this weekend's. FIST PUMP, BABY!!!!! 

What's even better, I finally had that "perfect" race by moving up in my AG from swim-bike and then bike-run. From 6th out of the water to 5th off the bike to finishing in 4th at the finish line. It seems I've broken my tendency of dropping back off the bike and hoping to catch up on the run. 


Next up: One more big week of training, then 2 weeks of taper until Ironman Louisville. I'm getting nervous about the predicted heat/humidity combo on the marathon for Louisville, but I've just got to figure out a way of managing it, and I think I'll be okay. 

Only one unrelated picture in this post (below), but there will be some AWESOME ones in the next one as I have a big week of training, all in beautiful Telluride, Aspen, Leadville, Buena Vista... COLORADO!! I love small mountain towns! 

I was staying at my coach's place again, along with another
one of his athletes (an ITU guy prepping for the Beijing race)
was with us in Colorado Springs. This was the day before the
Boulder 70.3 race so I was just sitting at the track helping
with the timing (doing fuck all!) while he worked his ass
off. Sweet shot, though. 


  1. Holy hell, you are a machine, girl! Congrats on both races!

  2. You're awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    a little crazy but awesome!!
    I think you would be proud of me, I went for my first solo bike ride today!!! I did 10km! Super lame... I could eat 10km in my sleep with running but my gosh cycling is HARD. But I felt very proud after!! :)

  3. It is nuts that we keep crossing paths, but like a day apart!! So funny you swam in that little dungeon of a pool in L'ville too! See you in LOU next wk! Let's hope the altitude training pays off!:)