Friday, July 29, 2011

Jackson Hole, WY

Okay, so after all the exploring and adventures in Colorado over the last month (I really should post on this stuff, but by the time I think about it, I've already moved on and it seems silly to post about something that was a while back)... anyway, after Colorado I started driving north back towards Canada because I am racing Calgary 70.3 this weekend. And by "racing" I mean swim/bike racing and then just hanging on for the run because my run training has been almost non-existent b/c of the shin splints. Who knows what is happening there.

ANYWAY... on the drive up to Calgary, one of the guys at a Boulder bike shop (University Bicycles, totally recommend them, they treated me well) suggested I drive through the west side of Wyoming instead of the more direct, eastern route. He's from Jackson Hole, WY. Let me just say... HOLY CRAP, I totally fell in love with this place and can't wait to return. Wyoming is off of most people's radar (where is it, again?) and I didn't really know it for anything other than a state I'd forget if I had to name all the United States.

Nevertheless, I totally fell in love and can't wait to spend the last few weeks training before IMKY in Jackson. Some photos, of course:

On a windy ride

Camping in Teton National Forest. 
I can't wait to explore the town proper, see what it has to offer. 
Now... it's time to get ready for Calgary 70.3, here's hoping I still remember how to run!!!! If you want to track me, I'm in the 18-24 F age group (which is probably small, it usually is). Not sure what my bib number is but my first name is unmistakeable: Krystyna. 

Will report back on that once I can!! :D

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