Friday, April 15, 2011

I am off to NZ!!!

I can't believe how quickly time has flown. I left NZ mid-February and was missing it SO much, more with every passing day. But the time has come for me to return -- I'm flying back to NZ (ChCh) tomorrow morning and I will be spending 2.5 weeks in the beautiful South Island. I'll revisit my home (Wanaka) for a couple days, but also traipse around the island, hike, mtn bike, run my heart out. I'll live in a campervan, wake up to sunrise wherever I choose to park and soak up the beauty that is New Zealand.

I've fallen in love with this country and I know it'll be my future home; I plan on returning Dec 2011, first on a working holiday visa and then either getting sponsored to stay or doing a masters there. Either way, it's the country I can truly call "home".

Wanaka, here I come!!
Town of Wanaka at the southern base of the lake. 


  1. Sounds amazing!!! I cannot wait to visit New Zealand one day! I have heard that it is beautiful!!!

  2. I'd love to visit New Zealand one day... and for that fact Austrailia as well one day!

  3. ha, awesome! Hope you have a great time over here!

  4. Tyna, have you figured out any dets for your US of A stay? I'm thinking of taking advantage of my passes this year, finally. Since my job is pretty flexible with the schedule.

  5. Thanks all - NZ has just been awesome so far. It feels so good to be back. I've had wicked adventures, a couple slip ups... everything is reaffirming my belief that this is my HOME.
    And Steph... USA. Probably from end of June until end of August. I'm just taking my car after I've visited home for a couple days and driving into the States, wherever I want to go... I'll go. I'll probably live in CO, though... small town somewhere. What are your potential plans?