Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Swim squad

Last semester, I was part of a tri swim squad. Most of us were pretty much regular age groupers. The coaching was great but the squad wasn't big, nor was it particularly competitive. This semester, I was invited to join a swim squad at my university's pool. I don't know why a lifeguard invited me because I am *not* a full-on swimmer. I'm a triathlete that swims. Compare that to a swimmer, and that's like comparing a flailing cat in the water to a sleek and swift dolphin.

In any case, I went for a trial session last week and am back for more this week. It'll be a twice-a-week affair: Monday and Wednesday mornings 6:30-8:00am. Let me just say that I welcome the pain. Each session involves the most painful sets I have ever experienced. I am left dizzy and overwhelmed and my muscles are absolutely numb. Just yesterday, we had a fly session (which I interspersed with free, which was necessary to survive). Here was the main set:

[4x50 fly easy on 1:05
[2x100 fly medium on 2:00
[1x200 fly hard on 4:00

Repeat this FOUR TIMES. First of all, I didn't know there even were different butterfly speeds. I just try to make it to the other side in one piece. Sure, it might not directly improve my freestyle stroke (which is what I am after, being one of 'em triathletes...), but holy mother of god, this is seriously testing both my aerobic and anaerobic engines.

In other news, when I'm not in swim squad and doing tri-specific swim training, I'm at my favourite outdoor 50m pool in Fitzroy. On a cloudless, hot sunny day it just cannot be beat:

It's autumn now but in the springtime the entire poolground smells delicious because of the planted trees nearby. I've got a whole story regarding these trees (species name Pittosporum undulatum), but that I'll save for another occasion. A murder mystery, minus the murder (unless you consider the encroachment of invasive plant species on the native floral species a terrifying execution --- then you're in luck!)

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  1. Yes! Tree story! Looking forward to it.
    Also damn that's a nice pool and I don't even like pools.