Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gosh, I love Australians...

Being Canadian, I'm pretty much guaranteed to be hard as nails when it comes to cold weather. Our winters are long (6 months), we have snow dumped on us for what feels like years and we are regularly exposed to -20C (-4F) weather, with even stronger wind chills. So when I moved to Australia, I was seriously looking forward to the warmer climes. The weather is pretty much perfect for running year-round, and on a hot year (this WASN'T one of them), you'd only have to do your runs in the early AM for perhaps 2 months.

Now that autumn is unfortunately approaching, the temperatures are dipping into the, GASP, mid to high TEENS (that's 59-67F). It's sucky because I love the heat, but I could never truly say that it is so cold that it is unenjoyable to be outside. In fact, it's perfect running weather!

So, after I had gone for a 45' fartlek run today, I was showering and changing in the uni locker rooms. Then I overheard a rather astounding conversation between 2 Aussie girls:

Aussie 1: Hey! What are you up to?
Aussie 2: Yeh, just going for a run on the treddy. It's tooooo cold to run outside.
Aussie 1: Ah, yeh.

Me: MOUTH GAPING. I could understand her saying it was too cold outside if the activity was to stand stock-still absolutely naked. The light winds would probably chill you pretty quickly. But... running? Last I recall, that generates quite a bit of heat. Now, I know that I run year-round and my limit is "Canadian" rather than "normal", i.e. my outdoor run limit is -25C (-13F), maybe -15C (5F) if there were strong winds. What I overheard, however, was TRULY TOO RIDICULOUS.

Just thought I'd share and let everyone know, the Aussies are total wimps!! But I love them.

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  1. bwahahaha OMG
    It's been like 1-5 degrees lately in the mornings, jumping up to 9-10 sometimes with the sun in the late morning or early afternoon and it's lovely.
    It's the perfect running weather and I freaking wish it could last alllll the time.
    So wimpy man!
    But it's funny and understandable considering.
    Oh and it snowed this morning.
    I'd say my limit is the same as yours, the wind is always the killer. I hate the wind. :P