Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lesson learned!

I'm back into IM training - 1 week done, however many more to go until Ironman Louisville!!
Because I've been living in a hostel these last 2 weeks (trying to find a room to rent), I've had to do all my bike training indoors, GHETTO-style... i.e. on a stationary bike at my university's gym. Chris McCormack does this as well when he's traveling - he isn't elitist, he'll get on that stationary bike if that's all that is available to him (true fact: I did hear him say that in a video interview posted on, I think, I'm not saying I'm like him, all I am saying is that I AM JUST LIKE HIM. Almost.

Haha, but in all honesty, although I am back in the city (read: I hate my life), I am still going to strictly enforce the one training rule I have always had ---- BRING A CAMERA. In New Zealand (read: most beautiful place on earth), I brought my camera everywhere, and had fantastic images to boot. Here... biking, running and swimming in the big city, I won't exactly get those same epic shots. So, I abandoned my camera over the last week and I regretted it when I went for my long run. I ran in a really ugly area I had never run before, so why would I want to take a picture of that???

WELL... I missed photographing one of the most beautiful graffiti pieces I've ever seen (for my own reference: under a bridge on Moonee Ponds trail, just before I pulled off the trail to take a whiz behind a tree). I also saw a sign instructing humans to pick up after their dogs and instructing dogs to ruff, yip, bark. This was an official Victoria road/park sign, and I seriously approved. Nevertheless, I needed that photo and I was without my camera.

Lesson learned! Never go anywhere without my camera!! EVER!!

On a side note, training is going immensely well. I am far more focused and driven this time around. It's not that I wasn't focused last time, for my first iron-distance race. I was. But not for each and every single workout; I was more "long-term focused". This go around, I'm assigning a purpose to every workout, I'm maintaining my focus and executing everything to the absolute BEST of my ability. It's going splendidly, and I feel that it puts me in even more control of my progress than ever. And we all know that triathletes are individualistic control freaks, am I right???

Here are some photos. A friend and I are signing up for the Great Ocean Rd half-marathon, in May. I'm going to be doing plenty of events before then, but this is a race that I am really looking forward to. A weekend on the Great Ocean Rd, what could be better?? With views like this, I can't complain:

 It's a pretty big drop! 
 These are the Twelve Apostles. You can read more about them here.
I biked a large chunk of the Great Ocean Rd last semester, and
it was one of the more memorable moments of my life! I can't
wait to go back!!!

Finally, and here's the last tidbit of the day... I'm writing this post on my university campus on a Saturday afternoon. It's summertime and there is a couple getting their wedding photographs taken maybe 100m from where I am standing. Sure, our campus is beautiful, but if only they knew that a couple days before there were uni students chugging beer and barfing on that very same spot. Ah, university life sure is special. 


  1. Nice blog. You are quite the adventurer. Good for you. IMLOU is a long way from home. I'm sure that presents an interesting set of challenges. I'm thinking about bicycle transport in particular. I admire your spirit. Enjoy.

  2. The city may be harsh and sometimes ugly but it never ceases to be interesting or at least filled with interesting people and situations.
    Bring that camera along next time :) I look forward to the pictures!
    I'm going to start picture taking more while I run even though I run in the most boring places! Haha

  3. Love your pics!! Good luck with the training - sounds like it's going well :)

  4. @Sam -- my bike has been around the world with me. I moved from Montreal to Australia, then dragged it with me to NZ to race. It'll come with me to Cairns when I race there, and I'll pop it aboard my flight as well when I return home to Canada/move to USA for the summer.

    @Steph -- The camera is glued to my side now, as the recent post suggest!! :)

    @Charisa -- thanks!! Training is going well, focusing on positivity and creating excellent habits. :D