Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No better way of jumping right in...

Ah, yes, I do still blog sometimes. In fact, I love blogging but, as with anything in life, the minute that I feel that it's become an "obligation", I wish to drop it immediately. So, when I found out I had "followers", I could think of nothing more dreadful than writing up a blog entry.

But here I am! What's changed since I last blogged? Well, I moved to Australia and am training for my first ironman, that's what!! I should technically say "iron-distance race" because it isn't an ironman-branded event. I'll be racing Challenge Wanaka on January 15th 2011. It seems to be approaching quite quickly, isn't it? 4 months to go... my holy crap, sometimes I feel like vomiting.

The best part about moving out of Montreal to Melbourne has been the hills. There's an abundance of hilly terrain here, and even some mountain ranges. It's helped my training tremendously, and is numerically demonstrated when I finally make it out to flat terrain. It's only going to get better when I move to New Zealand's South Island, which I should do around November.

And, for your viewing pleasure, I've also uploaded some highly watermarked photos of events I've done here in Australia so far. The first is a 10k Women's Fun Run, in which I placed 9th OA and 1st in my AG. The second is from a cycling event in Kinglake. I'm enjoying myself, that's for sure!!

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