Saturday, June 5, 2010


It seems the Ironman brand has ventured into another corporate undertaking - they've teamed up with PowerBar to produce a unique (but in the end, not so unique) sports drink. I'm quite certain it will be exclusively offered at aid stations on IM and IM 70.3 courses - correct me if I am wrong.

It seems like it is a very rushed affair. They are sweeping it in to IM and IM 70.3 events quite quickly, even so soon as the IM 70.3 Rhode Island on July 11, in which I am registered. I'll be getting a free case of it soon, courtesy of Ironman - I hope it's to my satisfaction. I've never trained with any PowerBar products, preferring water with Gu chomps or Clif shotbloks, or Gatorade sports drink... 

What are people's thoughts on this cross-marketing, or all branding that Ironman seems to be doing a whole lot more of recently?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Triathlon Season 2010!!

The triathlon season is about to begin for me. I've yet to have one full season of racing, and this one's not any different. Something always crops up in life to prevent me from being in one place for any stretch of time. This year, I was interrupted by a job opportunity in the Yukon, and then studying abroad in Australia.

In my first season, I only did one race: an Olympic in the fall, and it was exactly 6 months after surgery. It was my entrance into triathlon, and I loved it.

In my second season, I did 2 Sprints, 2 Olympics, 2 half-marathons, a half-Ironman and 3 10k races before the season was cut short so that I could volunteer on a mammal research project in Peru.

In this season, I've already done 2 half-marathons, but the triathlon season... has yet to begin! I love that giddy feeling you get when awesome racing approaches. It's a combination of needing and wanting to kick some serious butt and a nervousness regarding my skills and abilities. Did I train enough? Did I rest enough? Am I over or undertrained?

In any case, here's my 2010 racing season (so far). It's until mid-July because at that time I will be crossing a very big ocean to live in Australia and New Zealand for one year!

  • June 6: Triathlon de Joliette (Sprint)
  • June 12: Triathlon de Mont-Tremblant (Olympic)
  • July 4: Sydenham Triathlon (Olympic)
  • July 11: Ironman 70.3 Rhode Island (the "A" race!)

I've never raced an official IM-branded race. I've heard reports from both sides: it's become far too corporate an affair, the IM brand is ludicrously for-profit... but that they also put on an amazing race, well-organized and with very supportive volunteers. I think it's time for me to test the Ironman-branded waters (and pavement)!!

Also, if anyone knows of awesome racing and/or training clubs in the Victoria, Australia area, LET ME KNOW!!!